Addiction Treatment

My Treatment Philosophy

The Cone Center is dedicated to the empowerment of every individual to recognize and utilize their inner sovereignty, to regain emotional ownership of their optimum physical health, vitality and spiritual fulfillment. My goal is to inspire conscious awareness in each individual and joyous freedom of choice in all areas of life.

My emphasis is on self-empowerment, self-worth and skill building to strengthen an individual's ability to manage all of life's challenges, perceive "dangerous" circumstances before they escalate, and to intervene on their own behalf. Clients are infused with new self-esteem and powerful new skills and are encouraged to gradually disconnect themselves from my process and minimize their dependence on my staff, services or meetings.

No one returns to the same life they had before addiction. They do not simply cease the use of substances. All recovery involves a deep spiritual healing and a leap forward into a whole new lifestyle defined by healthy thoughts, feelings and actions.

According to Michael Lincoln, Ph.D., author of Addictions and Cravings, says all addictions are about trying to find "God" in all the wrong faces and all the wrong places. In other words addicitons are a crisis in spirituality. Therefore, the process of recovery must include discovering where, how, and the reason/s we came to believe we are alone/disconnected from Source energy in a hostile world. Often times, these beliefs are completely unconscious, therefore it is necessary to access the sbuconscious/unconscious to identify those beliefs. Dr. Cone uses a  specialized form of kinesiology to access information from the subconscious and unconscious. This data is plugged into the Energy Matrix Clearing System, a process created by Dr. Cone, to identify and clear from the human biofield energy blockages that keep the system operating from learned In destructive habitual reactions to life experiences.

In addition, Dr. Cone, utilizes 21st century cutting edge systems which generate fields of information carring energy called scalar fields, which restores the individual cells of the body to communicate optimally. Restoring this communication exposes diseased cells to the body's defenses. Mitochondria are the "power stations" of cells. Scalar fields charge the mitochondria, giving cells much-needed energy to open and remove blockages. Once the blockages are removed, the human biofield will restore the flow of Chi or life-force to a healthy state. This aids in enhanced energy levels, reduces pain and inflammation, accelerates body metabolism and weight management, stimulates natural immune function killing viruses and bacteria, manages stress, clears the mind, improves sleep quality, helps with depression, clears the mind, heals nerves, enhances focus and concentration, improves memory and repairs DNA.

While the 21 day addiction treatment process involves traditional addiction education and evidence based treatment methods,  Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine enhance the process of treatment. Energy Psychology takes the form of the Energy Matrix Clearing System, as well as, Meridian Energy Therapies such as Thought Field Therapy and The Emotional Freedom Technique, now accepted as evidence-based energy therapies by the American Psychological Association. Homeopathic remedies has long been known the carry healing frequencies and Dr. Cone utilizes the energies of gems and minerals to effect change in the subtle energy bodies surrounding and communication with the physical body. 

Holographic Energy System vs. Disease Model

Current research in neurobiology has identified neurotransmitter systems that initiate and maintain the addictive response to alcohol and drugs. Modification of these neurotransmitters shows promise for reduced consumption in laboratory animals. While traditional medicine searches for pharmaceutical solutions, energy medicine provides a more direct intervention on the brain chemistry by altering the subtle energy patterns that perpetuate the brain's addictive responses.

My research with addictions shows that the brain's response to energetic information is determined by the quality of the energetic information delivered to it. The greater holographic energy system (i.e. meridians, chakras, etheric, astral, mental, and causal bodies) supplies energetic information that governs the brain chemistry. The condition of the information determines the balance or imbalance of the brain chemistry that in turn results in life-affirming or self-destructive behaviors. This changes the neurochemical response so that healthy life-giving choices become the norm. Altered brain chemistry supports new thinking processes that make self-destructive choices unacceptable.

The Holographic approach to addiction treatment promotes understanding of subtle energy and how energy patterns either perpetuate or release addictive habits. It identifies and releases energy blockages supporting the physical manifestation of addiction. It reestablishes the natural healthy flow of energy into the physical system, thus, reconnecting the individual to their higher frequency energies promoting health in every area: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. New light illuminates the individual with love and compassion. This sets a solid foundation for recovery.

Living in Choice Process

Clients who enter my program, will attend private sessions for 21 days of intensive outpatient intervention. This is called the "Living in Choice 21-Day Process." During the first 21 day period, they also receive assessment, education on the addictive process, how negative thinking causes destructive behavior, and how empowered thinking and creative imagination foster positive action and new outcomes (conflict resolution). Many alternative healing modalities such as massage, reflexology, Tai Chi Chih, and aroma therapy are available for a multi-faceted process. The program is designed for each individual's needs and interests with the help of his/her primary counselor. Each client receives abundant information and develops many new skills to use, to nurture and continuously heal him/herself. The client receives a multitude of new and highly effective options that are alternatives to the addictive response of self-medication.

Follow up Period

After completion of the 21 days, sessions decrease in frequency according to the acquired skill level and personal need of the client. Sessions gradually decrease from twice a week, to once a week and finally to once a month for an average follow up period of six months. During this follow up period, most clients continue to acquire skills and new lifestyle practices that enhance their overall physical, emotional and spiritual health. To this end, the Center provides ongoing training and private sessions in hypnosis, visualization, breathing techniques, meditation and chakra / color healing. Instruction is available on nutrition, physical self-care, and prevention of energetic blockages that contribute to cravings and addictive compulsions. These critical elements underlie a peaceful and balanced attitude toward life.


I am licensed by the State of Oklahoma as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor and have been an Internationally Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor since 1992. My Addiction Treatment program uses a combination of Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and more traditional therapeutic processes and has proven extremely successful in the long-term treatment of addiction.

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