Energy Matrix Clearing System©

 Each of us is born with an inner voice that knows and understands our mission in this lifetime. In your session, I will connect with your unique inner voice by intuitively and energetically accessing the A-Field or Akashic Field.
Defined by Ervin Laszlo, the A-Field is “…the first and most fundamental of the archetypal elements of the world. It is the womb from which everything ultimately returns. It is the dynamic field of all reality and the record of all that is, has ever been, and will be.”
Within the A-Field and your own holographic energy field, I will identify any unhealthy beliefs or issues, both in present time and at the age of cause; as well as all present and causal patterns relating to your specified issue, which could include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual limitations. These causal energies will then be deleted from your energy field, allowing your natural life enhancing programs to come forth and making it easier for life changes to flow and manifest.
At the end of your session, you may be assigned homework to help cement the information we’ve gathered and the changes you can expect.
How many sessions are required to clear an issue?
This depends on the issue and your investment in holding onto it. Openness to receive healing is required and your level of receptiveness to the process helps to determine the number of sessions required. Many seemingly difficult dis-eases can be resolved quickly – sometimes in one or two sessions; others, not so quickly. Again, it is determinant upon each individual and their level of consciousness and willingness to take action from a new paradigm of wholeness.
This process is homeopathic, which means, as the old programs are processed out of your system, you may experience exacerbated symptoms, which may include:
  • A general sense of uneasiness
  • Physical cleansing
  • Conscious awareness of your old patterns, including all of their attendant discomfort
  • Changed dream state or remembering dreams where you may not have been aware of dreaming previously
  • A greater sense of peace and calm
The Energy Matrix Clearing System© is the primary healing modality in my private practice. EMCS© is a system of clearing energy blockages from the holographic human energy system causing dysfunction in the physical body. It offers a method of holographic repatterning which is firmly grounded in the principles of quantum physics (Bohm, Watson, Tiller, Taggart) and is based on the knowledge that human beings are comprised of an energetic system of frequency patterns. Simply put, life experiences - trauma, pain, unresolved emotion - cause the depletion of life energy within the subtle energy bodies that surround and interpenetrate the physical system. These non-coherent frequencies or energies lose their optimal pulsation, or coherent state, causing the external expression of "problems" or dis-ease in our daily life.

EMCS© identifies the non-coherent frequency patterns causing the dysfunction, determines the energetic frequency or frequencies necessary to entrain the energetic system at its optimal expression. This process returns the holographic human system to its healthy state of being.
EMCS© combines a study of vital energy (Chi, Prana, Life Force - the most basic substance of all matter) and energy anatomy systems thought of as the foundation for all other healing modalities to gently and gracefully move individuals toward their highest level of health in body, mind and spirit.
How does a long distance session differ from an in office session?

In the office, I will access your energy field directly to identify and clear causal energies. At each phase of the process, I’ll explain my findings and, at the end of the session, in addition to intuitive clearing, I will prescribe a specific combination of Homeopathic Gem and Mineral Essences© (available online soon!) to further clear and resolve the identified issue.
A long distance consultation begins with your description of the issue you’d like to focus on – this can be provided to me either via a short phone call or an email; I will also need your full name and date of birth. I will use this information to intuitively access causal information in the A-Field and then diffuse or delete those energies. Following the diffusion, I’ll record my findings on an EMCS© data sheet, which I will email to you; homework details will also be included at the bottom ofDani the EMCS© data sheet. We’ll work through any questions you might have concerning the data via email. You may also, for an additional charge, request a telephone consultation following the diffusion process; regular office rates would apply.
Daniel Condron, DM, DD, author of Permanent Healing, says of EMCS, "The physical historians say the alchemists were attempting to transmute lead - the base metal - to gold. The metaphysical historians say the alchemists were attempting to transmute the base - lower consciousness - to the golden higher consciousness of enlightenment. Dr. Gary Cone's genius is to fulfill the true goal of alchemy. His EMCS sessions aids the client to help themselves by clearing off the lower consciousness that creates disease, thus revealing the higher, healthy wholistic consciousness of a self realized being."

EMCS© certification is a now available!! Click here for details.
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