Living in Choice Gem & Mineral Essences

My early work with clients who were addicted to substances intuitively led me to the conclusion that addictions are a symptom of a greater issue: the negative programming or beliefs held in the subconscious or unconscious mind. This negative programming is the reason relapse is so prevalent with traditional treatment processes – because those processes do not address the unconscious programming.

As I began developing the Energy Matrix Clearing System (EMCS)©, I saw extraordinary success with sustained sobriety and I began to explore other modalities to add to the system that could effectively “rewrite” all types of energetic programming (including, but not limited to addictions). Building upon the works of such pioneers as Eugene E. Whitworth, Barbara Brennan, Gurudas, and Melody, I began to test the combination of various gem and mineral essences as a means of effecting change, not only in the chakra system of the physical or etheric body, but also in the chakra systems of each of the outer subtle energy bodies – the Astral, Mental and Causal.

Today, Living in Choice Gem & Mineral Essences are an integral component of the EMCS© method and I'm proud to offer a select group of essences to clients visiting my office. Work is underway to offer the essences online - sign up for our newsletter to stay informed as that project develops!

Celestial Spirit Essence Blends

The celestial spirit is infused into these essences to enhance and strengthen their inherent gem and mineral qualities. Each of these blends have been created with the intention of promoting positive health and optimum functioning at all energetic levels: physical, etheric, astral, mental and causal. The energetic harmonics of each blend combine uniquely with the spirit to work for the highest good of all concerned. Available blends include:

  1. Shamanic Spirit
  2. Brilliant Radiance
  3. Luminous Creation
  4. Harmonic Light
  5. Perfect Manifestation
  6. Heavenly Abundance
  7. Sacred Clarity
  8. Inner Beauty
  9. Transcendent Purity
  10. Master Release
  11. Freedom
  12. Vision Quest
  13. Revelations
  14. Ascendance
  15. Transformation

Cranial Nerve Essences

The twelve cranial nerves are associated with the twelve houses of the astrology chart. Specific combinations of these essences can effect positive change in the 12 areas of life colored by the association of the cranial nerve and the area of life associated with it.

Homeopathic Remedies

I've identified 155 different gem/mineral essences and their use as homeopathic remedies based upon the frequency of each. My work with clients over the past 10 years has shown the following essences to be extremely effective for specific complaints.

  1. Honey Calcite, Green Infused: The wounded spirit manifests as a disconnection from source. Honey Calcite infused with the color green or the frequency of the color green has proven very effective in clearing the issue of wounded spirit.
  2. Amethyst: Great for conditions of the heart, including releasing sadness, grief, loneliness, and hurt; and infusing love, compassion, joy, and enthusiasm.

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