Paths of Light

The Paths of Light Spiritual Center no longer meets.

Rev. Dr. Gary Cone founded the Blessed Way Essene New Life Church in 1999 based upon the teachings of the Essenes of the first century B.C.E.. as translated by Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, a well-known philologist in Sanscrit, Aramaic, Greek and Latin, who discovered an ancient and unknown Essene manuscript while invited to study in the Secret Archives of the Vatican in the early 1920's.

Dr. Szekely subsequently translated this work from its original Aramaic into French, which he titled, The Essene Gospel of Peace Book I. Dr. Szekely started the first modern study of the Essene material in the gardens at the Palace of Versailles in Paris in 1925. Quoting from Search for the Ageless, Dr. Szekely, states: “The history of the Essene Renaissance Movement really begins with my discovery of the Essene Gospel of Peace, in 1923. The story of this discovery is told in my book The Discovery of the Essene Gospel of Peace, subtitled The Essenes and the Vatican. My literal French translation of the Essene Gospel of Peace from Aramaic and Hebrew was printed in Paris by the publisher Felix Alcan, more than fifty years ago.”

Throughout his life, Szekely, established centers for the study of the Essene Teaching, an all sided teaching that is not from one individual, nor to any one age or country, in France, Greece, Western Europe, Baja, California, and Costa Rica. It's first teaching, says Szekely, “was the Zend Avesta of Zarathustra, a nine thousand year old document. To it have been added contributions from all the great thinkers and Masters of intervening ages. Considering these facts, one can begin to understand the all-sided character of this Teaching, unparalleled in all human history.”

Rev. Dr. Cone discovered this little bookin 1997, while working on his doctoral dissertation in which he was instructed to do a search of the literature, ancient and modern, in order to identify the history of energetic healing practices.

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