Resonant Field Imaging™ (RFI)
Aura and Brain Imaging System

Resonant Field Imaging or RFI is an electromagnetic feedback and imaging process. It constitutes an external type of magnetic resonance imaging, intended to analyze your mental, emotional and psychological states, and identify psychosomatic factors of physical illness.

RFI gives detailed scientific information and objective interpretations for all Auras and bioenergy fields. It identifies the type and function of all bioenergies present in specific regions of the human brain, chakras, etheric and astral subtle energy bodies.

It is the first Aura imaging technology that can create full color bioenergy charts of objects, plants, animals, and even ambient bioenergy or brainwaves in the air.

RFI serves the purpose of quantifying and objectively interpreting modifications in the bioenergy fields, therefore yielding information concerning decrease in homeostasis - including parasitic infection, genetic mutation, and arterial constriction.

RFI provides:

  • Full color images and detailed interpretations of the Psychological Profile, Health Profile, and Brain Waves.
  • Medical quality Brain Mapping, which prints full color images of the brain, and detailed interpretation of right brain bioenergies, left brain bioenergies, and integrated brain bioenergies.

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