Radical Forgiveness

I became certified as a Radical Forgiveness Practitioner, Ceremony Leader, Radical Forgiveness Workshop Presenter and Radical Forgiveness Book Study Group Leader in 2004. The forgiveness issue is one that is difficult for people to come to grips with and yet, if they don't, moving forward in a positive way is virtually impossible. Since 2004, I have Certified as a Radical Grieving Coach, Radical Living Coach, and finally as Master Radical Living Coach.

The traditional view of forgiveness obviously does not work for most people without years of therapy and, even then, there is no guarantee that forgiveness will happen. It took almost 20 years for me to get to a place of semi-forgiveness for the drunk driver at the wheel of the car that killed my brother. It wasn't until I went through the Radical Forgiveness "Making Room for the Miracle" Workshop that I felt totally free of the hate, resentment, and victim mentality around that tragic incident. Tragic, not only for my brother and those that loved him, but also for the man driving the car and his family.

Radical Forgiveness Coaching takes a hard look at the patterns of pain that thread throughout all our lives and gives us clues to the first choice we made to accept our victim status. Through the Radical Forgiveness process, you will begin to see, from a totally different perspective, the patterns of your life that have been so limiting and gain the perspective and tools you need to make your life what you have always known it could be.

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