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Workshop Schedule: 

The Living In Choice Workshop

June 30

Radiant Living Center

10:00 Am to 12:30 pm

Cost $25.00

This workshop is based on my EMCS (Energy Matrix Clearing System) Living In Choice Chart

You can obtain my Ebook Living In Choice from Kindle Books on Amazon

The focus of the workshop is:

1. Understand the chart format and its use in everyday life.

2. Learn the effects that our beliefs play in the manifestation of thoughts, feelings, and emotion.

3. Experience using the Science of Manifestation Chart, a tool for uncovering negative beliefs.

4. Programming new beliefs which generate higher levels of consciousness and therefore a better life expression

Workshop includes a copy of the Levels of Responsibility Chart and the Science of Manifestation Worksheet.

Call 405.842.0695 to purchase your seat at this ground-breaking workshop. 

Radical Forgiveness Self-Forgiveness Clinic:

"Bearing in mind all that we have achieved in evolutionary terms since the time we walked the earth as an apelike species, you would think we would be feeling pretty good about ourselves in the 21st century. Apparently, this is not the case. When the human psyche is examined in depth, it appears that deep down we are all afflicted with a profound and enduring sense of self-loathing." Colin Tipping (Radical Self Forgiveness)

The purpose of this workshop is twofold:

1. To heal the self-hatred within the consciousness of the collective, so that we stop projecting it against others in acts of war and other forms of aggression. In that sense, we could also argue that this a necessary step in creating world peace, saving the planet, and transforming the consciousness of humanity.

2. To give you the experience and tools to feel at peace within yourself. Shame and guilt are very low vibrations of consiousness, and if carried for long periods of time result in depleting the life-force resulting in low self-esteem, apathy, and depression. 

So, this course is about raising your vibration and restoring your life force to it's healthy balance. It is about holding yourself radically personally responsible for creating a better world for yourself and everyone in it. If we are to have a future we want to experience we must begin now to build a new foundation from which it evolves. 

Cost: $125.00

Watch for August dates for the Radical Self-Forgiveness Clinic


The CONE Center - 4334 NW Expressway, Suite 270 - Oklahoma City, OK  73116 - (405) 842-0695