Radical Forgiveness Coaching

Dr. Cone, in his own way, has been a pioneer of consciousness studies over the past 30 years and has been involved in many modalities designed to elevate the consciousness of individuals seeking a state of enlightenment. These include:His own Energy Matrix Clearing System© both an in office and long distance method of working with individuals in the process of clearing energetic blockages that interfere with living life to the fullest, and certifications in; Radical Forgiveness™; the Emotional Freedom Technique; Three in One Concepts:The One Brain System, Ho'Oponopono, Shambala Reiki Master, Diplomate in Energy Psychology and a Diplomate In Energy Psychology. These modalities have been the mainstay of his successful private practice.

Dr. Cone has been a certified Radical Forgiveness Practitioner since 2004. He has presented over the last 13 years many RF workshops and worked individually with hundreds of clients using the R.F. Technology created by Colin Tipping of the Radical Forgiveness Institute.  In 2017 Dr. Cone was certified as a Radical Living Coach and Master Radical Living Coach. He is also a Radical Grieving Coach from the same Institute. Dr. Cone is constantly keeping abreast of new innovations designed to elevate human consciousness.  

 Radical Empowerment leads to Radical Manifestation, a proven method of manifesting what you want in any area of life. Radical Manifestation was written and published by Colin Tipping before The Secret was released. These tools have been used by thousands of people world wide who have changed their lives through the technology that makes up the Radical Forgiveness family of processes and products. 


The Radical Forgiveness Solution:Whatever your problem, Radical Forgiveness is the answer. Money issues, relationship problems, sexual abuse, health issues, addiction, depression, anger, resentment, holding excess weight and feeling used, betrayed, rejected or abandonded. Yes, Radical Forgiveness is a simple and elegant process for quickly dissolving the residual pain attached to ALL of these emotion-related problems and many more besides. It has helped thousands of people release toxic pain from old emotional wounds, free themselves from harmful behavior patterns and experience deeper levels of self-acceptance than they've ever know before. Radical Empowerment is the result of making your way through the Radical Forgiveness/Radical Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance tools. It translates into an inner transformation. Colin states, "It involves turning your whole way of looking at the world completely upside down, overturning all your belief systems, values and assumptions. Radical Empowerment occurs at the deepest levels of your being and brings you to the point where you are able to manifest anything you want. The outcome of Radical Empowerment is ,therefore, Radical Manifestation."