The Cone Center Living In Choice Addictions Treatment Process

My early work with clients who were addicted to substances intuitively led me to the conclusion that addictions are a symptom of a greater issue: the negative programming or beliefs held in the subconscious or unconscious mind. This negative programming is the reason relapse is so prevalent with traditional treatment processes – because those processes do not address the unconscious programming.

As I began developing the Energy Matrix Clearing System (EMCS)©, I saw extraordinary success with sustained sobriety and I began to explore other modalities to add to the system that could effectively “rewrite” all types of energetic programming (including, but not limited to addictions). Building upon the works of such pioneers as William Tiller, Ph.D., Claude Swanson,Ph.D., Barbara Brennan, Gurudas, and Melody, I began to test the combination of various gem and mineral essences as a means of effecting change, not only in the chakra system of the physical or etheric body, but also in the chakra systems of each of the outer subtle energy bodies – the Astral, Mental and Causal.

The Living In Choice Addictions Process is  an individually designed intensive outpatient treatment for each clients specific needs. This is determined through the cooperative efforts of the client and Dr. Cone. The primary modality of treatment is Dr. Cone's Energy Matrix Clearing System, a form of Energy Medicine/Energy Psychology, which "recognizes the energetic structural anatomy of the human being and clears all blockages within that energy system to restore the optimum health and spiritual development" of the individual. This quote from Dr. Cone's Doctoral Thesis entitled: Holographic Human Energy System Characteristics of Alcoholics Over 21 Years of Age, "Further research over a three-year period led to the creation of the Energy Matrix Clearing System. As evidenced by my work, this system achieves a reaction within the energy system, which creates positive change in all areas of the client's life. The changes are subtle and dramatic at the same time. The changes appear permanent and include an increased spiritually motivated sense of enthusiasm about living." That was 20 years ago. Since that time the EMCS process has continued to evolve providing transformative results. 

In addition to the core work with EMCS, other energetically based protocols are utilized, including the Emotional Freedom Technique™, an evidenced based therapy with over 400 clinical trials proving its efficacy. Biofeedback and The Resonant Field Imaging™ system, an externalized form of MRI, are utilized as energetic diagnostic tools, providing valuable information assisting in the formulation of individual treatment plans.

Dr. Cone's clinical work began over 30 years ago working with clients with a dual diagnosis - addictions and mental  illness. His traditional training, first as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and since it's inception in 2005, as an Oklahoma Licensed Alcohol/Drug and Mental Health Professional, Master Addiction Counselor with the addition of his Doctorate in Energy Medicine and a Diplomate in Energy Psychology and Licensed Scientific Investigator provides a unique wholistic addictions treatment experience. 

The Living In Choice Treatment Process is a 21 to 30 day intensive outpatient experience. The length of the process is determined on an individual basis, as is the number of treatment hours per day. The cost of the treatment process is also determined individually.

The cost ranges from $6500.00 to $10,000.00

Individual treatment will be provided by Dr. Cone throughout the treatment process.    

Call The Cone Center For Living In Choice at 405-842-0695 to make an assessment appointment or for more information concerning treatment options.